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Empowering Our Community at the Construction Career Academy

We are thrilled to launch a groundbreaking 6-week course at the Construction Career Academy, a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Urban League and JTM Academy. This program is specifically designed to uplift and advance our BIPOC community in the utilities sector, particularly with SoCalGas. As a vibrant, young organization, we are dedicated to enhancing upward mobility and dismantling the barriers that have historically curtailed opportunities within this diverse population.



Our Mission in Education:

Our carefully crafted curriculum, delivered by experienced instructors, dives deep into essential skills such as math, troubleshooting, and crucial soft skills tailored for substantial career advancement. We’re here to equip you with everything from customer service essentials to advanced interview techniques using the STAR & SHARE methods—tools you need to not just succeed, but excel.


Who Should Join Us:

This initiative is for every BIPOC individual who aspires to roles like CT, ETR-A, FSA, LST, and Meter Reader at SoCalGas. It’s more than training; it’s a stepping stone to a secure, rewarding career that respects and recognizes your potential.


Transforming Futures:

By participating, you'll gain firsthand insights and practical skills aligned with the expectations and demands of the industry. Our past participants are testament to the life-changing impact of our academy. Watch our alumni stories to see the powerful stories of transformation and success.

video by Thomas Project Consulting


Important Dates:

  • Information Session: May 28th at 6 PM via Zoom - RSVP here

  • First Orientation (In-Person): June 1st - RSVP here

  • Second Orientation (Online): June 4th via Zoom

  • Classes Begin: June 11th through July 20th


Join the Movement:

Spread the word, engage your networks, and let’s come together to forge a path toward a future where the utility sector mirrors the diversity and dynamism of Southern California itself. We are committed to preparing our community not just for jobs, but for careers that offer stability, dignity, and a liveable wage.

Dive into this journey with us at the Construction Career Academy, where we don’t just dream about a better future—we build it together. Let’s uplift our lives and those around us.

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