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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer OSHA training?

We do NOT offer OSHA certification, we are a pre-apprenticeship program, that prepares students to enter into the Construction Trade and Utilities. Our curriculum is designed specifically around the entrance exams for the MECHANICAL TRADES as well as the oral exams.

Can you help me become a Carpenter?

Our Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to prepare students for entering the Mechanical Trades and Utilities.

Some of the mechanical trade exams we prepare for:

Boilermaker | Sprinkler Fitter | Sheet Metal | Operating Engineer | Electrician

How long is the program?

The Pre-Apprenticeship program is an ongoing hybrid learning academy, you may join the program at any point during our active cycle. You graduate the program once you start your new career.

Do I have to attend every course?

The program is designed for the end user (student). We recognize that not every student needs every aspect of the program to achieve their own professional goals. So each student is able to attend all (3) sessions or just the sessions they need to be successful. 

Do I need tool or mechanical experience to attend the workshops?

No experience is needed to attend any of the workshops or join the program.

Does the CCA or JTM guarantee employment after the class?

We do not guarantee employment after attending our program. We do guarantee that we will prepare you to take and pass the entrance exams needed to be competitive in your career journey.

Do you have any flyers?

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