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Construction Career Academy Graduating Class of 2023

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Celebrating Success: Empowering Futures in Mechanical Trades and Utility Sectors


A Milestone Achieved: Graduating Future Leaders

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement at the Construction Career Academy (CCA). Recently, a group of our talented and dedicated students successfully passed entry exams or been sponsored into esteemed organizations: Local 12 - Operating Engineers, Local 636 - Glaziers, Local 105 - Sheet Metal Workers, Local 213 - Carpenters, 1155 Infrastructure Solutions and SoCalGas. This accomplishment not only marks a significant milestone for our graduates but also exemplifies the impact of our organization in shaping promising careers in the mechanical trades and utility sector.

Photo: LaCora Stevens

Andre Holloway and his wife Dr. Lorenita Holloway are both celebrated for their donation of land to the H & M Community Garden in Compton CA but also for his new found career as a Leak Survey Technician at SoCalGas.

Photo: LaCora Stevens

Reggie Macias recently passed both his written and oral exams with Local 105 Sheet Metal Workers.

Photo: LaCora Stevens

Through trial and tribulations, Malik Gay and family celebrate his entry into SoCalGas as a LST.


A Year of Success: Reflecting on Our Achievements

Over the past 12 months, CCA has witnessed tremendous growth and success:

  • Number of Graduates: 32 (Passed Industry Standard Exams)

  • Placement Rate: 81% of our graduates successfully secured positions in reputable organizations.

    • Note: The other 19% are still awaiting placement and we will update this blog once we get the great news that they were hired.

  • Average Starting Wages: $68k / year

  • Scholarships Awarded: $20,000


Celebrating Achievements: Our Graduates' Accomplishments

Our graduates have achieved remarkable milestones in their respective careers, including:

  • Participated in Industry-specific Training: 18 of our graduates have actively engaged in the Leak Surveyor Tech training program in Bakersfield CA hosted by SoCalGas and Power 4 America, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

  • Contributed to Community Projects: Our alumni have actively participated in building the H & M Community Garden in Compton CA, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility.



Photo: LaCora Stevens

The Los Angeles Urban League and JTM Academy staff celebrate the Class of 2023 CCA Graduates at Los Angeles Southwest College.


Looking Ahead: A Bright Future Beckons

At CCA, we remain committed to empowering individuals and transforming lives. As we look to the future, we are excited about the prospect of guiding more aspiring professionals toward fulfilling careers in the mechanical trades and utility sector.

Join us in congratulating our graduates and celebrating their success. Together, we are shaping a future filled with opportunities, growth, and prosperity.


Interested in hearing from our Alumni themselves? Check out this short video --->


More Photos from LaCora Stevens (LAUL) of the CCA Graduation Ceremony --->

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Barak Bomani
Barak Bomani
Oct 02, 2023

Hard work and consistency pays off.


Sep 30, 2023

Congratulations Class of 2023! Amazing work, job well done.

Masai M


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